Boating Accidents

Boat accidents often result in very serious injury. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a boating accident due to the fault of another party, contact the Bay Area boating accident attorneys at Weltin, Streb & Weltin today.

California’s coast, rivers, lakes, the San Francisco Bay and the San Joaquin Delta all offer beautiful sights and great fun for boaters. Boating is a very recreational pastime in California, with over 800,000 vessels registered in 2010. However, boating also has a dangerous side. According to the California Department of Boating and Waterways, in 2011 there were 512 boating accidents in California, leading to 313 reported injuries and over two million dollars in property damage.

Boating accidents come in many forms, but the most common reason for accidents in one party or the other not paying attention while navigating at unsafe speeds. Distractions are a major factor in this, including cell phones, stereos and passengers. Alcohol and drugs are just as much a factor in boating accidents as they are in road vehicle collisions.

Because there are no restraint systems in boats, collisions with other watercraft or fixed objects can eject occupants from the boat, or thrown across the cabin violently. Ejection accidents are the most frequent cause of fatalities in boating accidents, leading to drowning and propeller injuries. Fires and accidents caused by mechanical failure can also cause severe harm to passengers.

As with other cases of injury due to negligence, there are several types of losses which make an injury victim entitled to compensation in a boat accident case. The accident victim is entitled to recover payment of any medical expenses incurred as a result of the negligence of the operator. This includes both the initial emergency care, as well as any future surgeries or physical therapy – that is required because of the accident. Also, the victim is entitled to compensation for any wages that resulted from the accident. Third, the accident victim is entitled to recover for the pain and suffering caused by the injuries.

 Maritime law is also a factor in boat accidents. This can severely complicate a boating accident case, but in some cases, maritime law can help the injury victim obtain a greater compensation than they could other circumstances. In any boat accident claim, it is critical to be represented by an attorney who is experienced in this specialized area of the law.

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