Insurance Coverage/Bad Faith

Your insurance company is supposed to be available whenever you need them. Yet often times they resist helping, especially when you need them most. If you have any issues with your insurance company, contact the offices of Weltin, Streb & Weltin and speak to one of our Bay Area insurance dispute attorneys. People pay monthly fees to insurance companies with the intention that the insurance will be there when they need it most, especially in unplanned circumstances. However, a large amount of people have come to realize that insurance companies lack the original enthusiasm they had shown originally when it comes time to aid you in your accident coverage. Insurance companies are based on profits like most companies and they will try to minimize the payment or aid they give you in order to sustain those profits.

In order to attain the amount that you are due from the insurance company can take substantial effort and leave you exhausted. This exhaustion is furthered when it comes to insurance disputes over uninsured or underinsured drivers and their involvement in accidents. All California drivers are required to have uninsured motorist coverage as a part of there auto insurance plan. This coverage aids you in the case of getting in an accident with an uninsured driver. The aid specifically offers a small amount financial aid and help with medical bills caused by the accident. However, this occurrence often leads to a smaller then expected payment by your company since they are the lone payee in accidents like these. Underinsured motorist coverage operates in exactly the same way but is meant for accidents where the other driver has some insurance but not enough to pay for the full amount of damage and injury caused.

Contractual agreements with insurance companies are unlike most other business agreements. Clients are putting there trust and faith in the fact that the insurance companies will fully respond to any claim or problem they may have. But, in many cases insurance companies have been found to contest claims unfairly by delaying payment  to victims and act on incidents without the clients best interests in mind. In these instances the insurance provider may have acted in bad faith. This can be cause for a civil suit to arise.

Our team of experienced Oakland bad faith insurance attorneys at Weltin, Streb & Weltin have dealt with insurance companies and their teams of attorneys frequently. Our experience and success involving these cases has included numerous beneficial outcomes for the policy holders we represented in claims against there insurers. If you have a claim against your insurance company, contact our office today at (510) 251-6060.