Everyone should feel a responsibility for the actions they make, especially in instances where those actions harm another person. When these situations arise, there is a legal responsibility for you to recoup the damages to the injured party. If you have experienced an injury at the fault of another person, call the Oakland negligence attorneys at Weltin, Streb & Weltin.

Negligence is a term that many have heard in conversation but might not necessarily understand the extent to which it covers in regards to legal ramifications and the complexities that follow. Negligence is classified legally as careless conduct that although unintentional, causes injury or harm to another individual. The subject of negligence is one of the most commonly discussed in legal circles and is also the most heavily made claim in the United States.

We are determined by law to act reasonably in regards to our conduct in society. If citizens acted unethically they would be putting everyone else at risk of harm or injury. For this, the law is put in place to keep us safe and hold those who act unreasonably liable for their damages caused to others.

Liability for negligence will only be ruled if the result of the negligent conduct is in fact harm or injury to the claiming party. In some cases it is difficult to determine who the negligent party is or if there are multiple parties at fault. For instance, multi car accidents,where numerous collisions occur at the same time, make it difficult to determine the initial negligent party. In cases as complicated as these the determining factor of the incident may be considered reckless, intentional or negligent. But, if no harm is caused the claiming party cannot recoup any damages.

Under the legal umbrella of negligence there are special cases that deal with the issues of standards of care. These instances apply to only specific professionals including doctors, lawyers and accountants. These positions are held to a set of standards that their fellow professionals within the community must also abide by. There are also specific regulations that are heightened for businesses and services like airlines and public transit. These regulations are heightened in order to insure the safety of passengers.

The outcome of all negligence lawsuits is a money payment. The stipulations within the case are solely for valuing the amount of total damage incurred in dollars. This payment amount includes medical expenses, future expenses, wages lost, as well as overall pain and suffering.

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