Wage & Hour Compensation Lawyer

When companies and employers go through difficult economic downturns, they often to cut corners on many aspects of their business, including their employee’s wages. While some cases are born of ignorance, many others are calculated attempts by employers to save money by underpaying on wages due to their workers. If your employer has underpaid or withheld wages that are due to you, contact the San Francisco wage and hour attorneys at Weltin, Streb & Weltin today.

Wage and hour laws are legal standards that protect workers by mandating minimum hourly pay, maximum hours without overtime, meal periods, and other important employment criteria. While there are both state and federal employment laws with differing standards, California law usually grants more protections for its residents under state law than federal law. For example, California law mandates a higher minimum wage, better overtime calculations, and stricter observances of meal and rest breaks than federal laws do.  Other examples of employment aspects that wage and hour laws govern include regulating tip-pooling and off-the-clock work, as well as payroll reporting and requiring that all wages are paid upon employee termination.

While the protections that wage and hour laws provide are imperative, and seem obvious based on the rights they protect, the laws themselves are complex and often ambiguous.  Some laws are so convoluted that employers will violate wage and hour laws by accident, but this is by no means the case with every violation. In fact, the vagueness of the laws themselves often act as an unwitting shield for employers to hide behind, because it means that the employee is less likely to understand that their rights are being violated.  Because employers have all the leverage in the worker-employer relationship, they will often continue to defraud workers out of their hard-earned pay simply because the risk is seemingly all on the shoulders of the worker.  These violations are even more painful on the low-income and immigrant workers of America, whose jobs appear more expendable than higher-wage positions.

The majority of wage and hour law violations do not merely apply to a single worker, but are more often company-wide.  Though the amount that is defrauded from each employee may be small, the total amount of money that the employer saves could be substantial. When this is the case, the violations can often be pursued as a class action lawsuit, which keeps such companies accountable for their actions. Each situation is different though, and sometimes it can be better to pursue a case individually as opposed to a class action.

Suing your employer can be awkward, but it is important to stand up for your rights. Even small violations can add up to a substantial amount of lost wages over time. It is critical to consult an experienced Bay Area wage and hour attorney who understands the complexities of these employment laws. At Weltin, Streb & Weltin, we have successfully fought for workers who have had their rights threatened through a variety of different violations across California.

Remember, wage and hour claims under both federal and state law allow for your attorney’s fees to be charged to the employer, so there is no up-front cost to you. Contact our office today for a free confidential consultation at (510) 251-6060.